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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

FedCart mission is creating logistics or sustainable and reliable. As a Logistics& Relocation Service Provider, FedCart recognizes the environmental impact of its business and the responsibility to find solutions. Environmental sustainability has been part of our daily operations continuously improving the environmental sustainability has been part of our daily operations and business decisions.

FedCart also means Corporate Social Responsibility and we make it our mission. Our strategic ambitions focus on our financial results, social interests, and the environment like. Responsiveness, resilience, and relationships which are now considered to provide real value added and logistics play a key role in all of them.

FedCart is having ethical standpoint, derived from the vision, lies at the heart philosophyand can play a fundamental role in achieving objectives of growth, competitiveness, better governance, overall sustainable development. FedCart’sapplication to the area of logistics& Relocation Services is widely known as logistics social responsibility.

For FedCart, being socially responsible is not an occasional act of charity or that one-time token financial contribution to the local school, hospital etc. which is integrated into the very core of our business objectives and strategy. Because we believe that there is no contradiction between doing well and doing right. Indeed, doing right is a necessary condition for doing well.

FedCart ambitions and values, we are convinced that by formalizing, we improve the transparency for all stakeholders and create valuable improvement opportunities we believe in, as FedCart Logistics & Relocation Services.