FedCart™– Supply Chain Management (SCM)

FedCart™ logistics &relocation supply chain network brings our clients best supply-chain management expertise, with performance-managed suppliers to meet within India any domestic or international relocation need.

FedCart™ is a completely independent, owned Logistic &Relocation Company. We have no exclusive arrangements, affiliations or ownership interest in any of our suppliers, so we’re free to choose the best resources for our clients and their transferees – regardless of affiliation. .

FedCart™ isbased on their individual expertise, knowledge, tenure, reputation, responsiveness and professionalism. Our supply chain network is comprised of highly qualified appraisers. FedCart SCM includes logistics, automobile and household goodscarefully selected for quality and value.

FedCart™ employ a rigorous supplier selection and supply chain management process, including a competitive RFP and presentation, followed by careful due diligence to verify credentials and service performance. Once on board, we operate, with specific key performance indicators (KPIs) that are tracked and monitored.